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For several years now, we have been seeing an ongoing growth of the organic banana market in Europe stimulated by the increase of the environmentally conscientious consumers. Furthermore, Europe has the largest share in global organic food sales, followed by North America.

The most important evolution in Europe is the growing organic share and the increase of 13% of the consumption of organic food.

Belbana is a certified importer of Organic bananas by Certisys under the number BE-BIO-01. Our premium quality organic bananas are produced in Ecuador supplied by producers certified by BCS Öko Garantie that implements the EU Regulation on organic production.

We market our organic bananas under our own premium brand:Belbana.


Belbana is a certified importer of organic fairtrade bananas by FLO-CERT. Our premium quality organic fairtrade bananas are produced in Ecuador.

Our organic fairtrade bananas contribute to a sustainable agriculture and land management, to support the local economy, respect the social conditions for the workers.